Call to Arms

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Adventuring Company: Orange Platoon
Game World: Forgotten Realms (c. 1372 DR)
Game Master: Mike



You live in a time of the great goblin wars. For many years, your people have been embroiled in a fever pitch battle for survival with goblins and their wicked allies. For defensive reasons, most dwarves now live together in heavily fortified cities or citadels, such as your current home, Citadel Adbar.

The location of Citadel Adbar

This consolidation means that old bloodline disputes, tribal differences and cultural clashes have been (mostly) set aside. Except duergar (the abominations) and the criminally insane, all dwarves are “welcome” in dwarven settlements with few questions asked but plenty of grumbling.

The decades long war has taken its toll on the dwarven civilization with many heroes fallen, settlements destroyed, rape, villainy and, worst of all, treasure stolen. In this time of “war-footing,” a group of six leaders (the council) represent the diverse interests of “all” dwarves and are led by one king figure, who ultimately calls the shots. As the ranks of the dwarven army have thinned to unsettling levels, the council has put out another call to arms and is openly discussing outright conscription, even if it means enlisting poorly suited dwarves - such as females, the young, old, weak or freaky.

Whether volunteers or “voluntold,” you are responding to this call to arms. Perhaps you arrived at Citadel Adbar from an outlying settlement only recently and this call to arms is your opportunity to seek revenge. Maybe you’re feeling social/peer pressure. Maybe you want to test your formidable skills. Maybe you’re just bored. Whatever your reasons, you are joining the dwarf army and heading to the front to battle the goblin menace and to help rid the world of this filthy scourge for once and for all!


The area viewed from the baboon cave. Not all of the area has been explored.

Prelude, describing life in Citadel Adbar, home to some dwarves and refuge to many more during the dark days of the Great Goblin Wars.

Chapter 1 - Basic Training, in which the Orange Platoon is born, trained and deployed with unexpected results.

Chapter 2 - Signs of Life, in which the Orange Platoon encounters heat, wildlife, water and evidence of higher intelligence.

Chapter 3 - Ominous Discoveries, in which the Orange Platoon ends its first day in this mysterious place with a series of dramatic discoveries.

Chapter 4 - Revelations, in which the Orange Platoon finds a people in peril and agrees to help them.

Chapter 5 - The Clash, in which the Orange Platoon faces off against the lizardfolk for the first time.

Chapter 6 - On the Hunt, in which the Orange Platoon splits up to seek out their friends and foes.


Player Characters

[20 points for characters creation, medium XP levelling, an average roll for starting gold]

Non-Player Characters

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