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Adventuring Company: Raiders of Castle Canter
Game World: Canter
Game Master: Ravenwyn

It is a dark time across the land. Starvation stalks the countryside like a plague, while those who survive fall victim to bandits and brigands. With no food at home, you left your village to seek a better life in the great trading port of Canter. There, you took up service running minor errands for the city's citizens, picking up a smattering of skills. Living in the poorhouse, you meet others who have recently arrived in the city. With others who are ambitious like yourself, you hatch a plan to hoist you out of your current poverty. Castle Canter is the focus of your plan.

High above the city is the cursed Castle Canter. It is said that those who set foot upon its grounds are transported to the Underworld and tortured by the demons of Hades for all eternity. Nobody in the port likes to talk openly about the castle, but when the lights are dim, hushed stories are told of the wealth that lies within the keep - the fortune left behind by the Canter family when they were taken to Hades.

The Castle Canter, as seen from a safe distance. (Image from

Your plan is simple: enter the castle grounds and loot whatever you can find of value.

[Note on character creation: Divide starting wealth by 10. It truly is a dark time.]


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