Crimson Pass

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Adventuring Company: Mercenaries of the Markland Keep
Game World: Canter
Game Master: Ravenwyn

Part 1

Gabriel and Trippen were hired by Bonecrusher to escort him through the Crimson Pass, from the Markland Keep to the eastern kingdoms. While camped on the Canter side of the pass, before the Crimson Pass Inn, the group was attacked by hobgoblins. Boneshaker was severely wounded at the start of battle. Trippen and Gabriel were able to drive off the hobgoblins, but as they carried Boneshaker back to the Markland Keep, he died from an infection.

Part 2

Gabriel and Trippen were again hired to escort a prisoner from the Markland Keep to the first keep on the eastern side of the Crimson Pass. Joining them were two warriors: Hightower and Pegasus Unicorn. The prisoner was Jeremy, a suspected assassin who was being extradited to the neighbouring kingdom.

All was well, until the group found a boat floating in the river on the eastern descent from the Crimson Pass. The boat contained 4 slain humans and one survivor. The survivor mumbled something about a great treasure they had buried in a graveyard, but passed out before revealing the exact location. While the group was distracted by a chest in the boat, Jeremy managed to learn the location of the treasure. He tried to convince the group to hunt for the treasure with him, but his escort would not give up their mission.

Thinking that travelling by the river would be faster, the group boarded the boat. After a time, they encountered a waterfall, and so were forced to leave the river. Wandering along the cliff, they encountered an ogre, but remained hidden in the undergrowth while the ogre passed by.

Shortly after the ogre passed, the group agreed that they were lost and returned to the river. Much arguing took place, but eventually, cooler heads prevailed. By that time, the prisoner Jeremy was nowhere to be seen.

Following the river back upstream, the group came across Jeremy's shackles, discarded in the bushes. He is somewhere ahead, but the challenge is to find him.

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