Hákon Lássmiðurinn

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Player: Ravenwyn
Adventuring Company: Orange Platoon

Hákon was the son of a locksmith and was raised to work by his father's side. However, Hákon was a restless child and yearned for adventure like the dwarves of legend. When he reached adulthood, his innocent heart full of desire to see the world, he enlisted immediately in the army. After basic training, he was stationed at a quiet outpost. After 6 months of boredom as a junior guard, Hàkon received a first sampling of what unpleasantness awaits in the wider world. His outpost was overrun by goblins. Hákon and the few other survivors were sent to the goblin homelands to work as slave labour.

The life expectancy of a dwarven slave in goblin hands is short. Hákon saw stronger dwarves than he who died under the goblin lash. Somehow, he managed to survive.

After nine years in chains, Hákon slipped away from his goblin masters and managed to evade the goblin search party sent to bring him back. He spent 2 more years wandering the trap-filled tunnels of the goblin territories. Then one day, there was a spectacular explosion in the goblin front lines. In the following chaos, the dwarven encampment opposite launched an impromptu offensive and won a notable victory. From the goblin ruins, they pulled the burnt and broken body of Hákon.

Hákon's bones have healed, but his left arm and the left side of his face are scarred from the burns. After extensive debriefing, Hákon was given a promotion and an honorable discharge. He now spends his days working at his father's locksmith. His family was relieved to see him returned and mistakenly believe the wanderlust has been beaten out of him. They disapprove of his nightly gambling, but say nothing as they think it is his way of dealing with the trauma. What they don't realize is that Hákon's gambling is an attempt to bring some excitement to his monotonous life, but since he has become a master at Three-Dragon Ante, the game is a poor substitute for the adventure that his spirit craves.

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