Keep on the Shadowfell

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Game World: Forgotten Realms (c. 1372 DR)
Game Master: Mike



Prelude, in which the party receives its quest.

Chapter 1 ~ Well Met, in which the party discovers the Winterhaven area and picks up a commission.

Chapter 2 ~ Discovering Douven, in which the party pursues rumours of Douven's whereabouts, only to find the adventurer himself.

Chapter 3 ~ Killing Kobolds, in which the party eradicates the kobold menace and slays its horrible goblin leader Irontooth.

Chapter 4 ~ Into The Keep, in which the party meets Bux and infiltrates the Keep on the Shadowfell...

Chapter 5 ~ Crypt of Shadows, in which the party battles the undead, loses Luxious and kills Sir Keegan, again!

Chapter 6 ~ The Resurrection of Atur, in which the party battles an ettin and brings the paladin back from the dead!

Chapter 7 ~ Et tu, Luxious?, in which the party defeats an undead horde and exposes two traitors: Nin & Luxious!

Chapter 8 ~ Cat & Dogs, in which a re-deployed Manticore gets ambushed by a gnoll and hyenas on the way home!

Chapter 9 ~ Just Smashing, in which a newly assembled party crashes the keep with merciless efficiency!

Chapter 10 ~ Bug Hunt, in which the party exterminates a kruthik nest and gets one step closer to clearing the keep!

Chapter 11 ~ Gnoll Cult Caravan, in which the party eliminates a gnoll caravan led by a vicious ogre!

Chapter 12 ~ Victory at last!, in which the party clears the keep and slays Kalarel to save the day!


Set in the Thunder Peaks of the Forgotten Realms. By Mike.


Player Characters

The Champions of Winterhaven are:

Former Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

Notable Residents of Winterhaven

Salvana Wrafton - Wrafton's owner and proprietor is a female human named Salvana Wrafton. She employs several waiters, waitresses, and cooks. Salvana is friendly and open, quick with a smile and a warm welcome.
Valthrun the Prescient - Valthrun is a sage and scholar who lives in a tower within Winterhaven’s walls. Valthrun is a good listener and appears to be friendly.
Thair Coalstriker - Thair is the brawny local blacksmith. Judging from his wounds, including a bad leg, this dwarf has seen his fair share of combat.
Ninaran the Elf - Ninaran is a dark-haired half-elf hunter, who looks like she can handle herself.
Lord Padraig - Ernest Padraig, the Lord of Winterhaven,is descended from the noble family that ruled the area under edict of the old empire. Folks around Winterhaven were happy with Lord Padraig’s father’s authority, and they have found answering to the rules of the new lord no more arduous. On the other hand, Padraig doesn’t have absolute power. For instance, he has been unable to raise a force from among the villagers to deal with the kobold problem on the road.
Rond Kelfern - Rond is the captain of the Winterhaven Regulars. He seems like a straight-shooter.
Elian the Old - Elian is an old man with kind eyes and an easy smile. He likes beer.
Delphina Moongem - Delphina is the enchanting elf moonchild who sells crystals and believes in angels.


The heroes have exchanged words with the following monsters...

  • Kobolds
  • Guard Drakes
  • Agrid
  • Irontooth
  • Gob
  • Rat Swarm
  • Zombie
  • Rot Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Sir Keegan
  • Ettin
  • Hound
  • Ninaran

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