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From Call to Arms

After discovering and exploring the ravaged human native hamlet, Platoon Orange spends its first night in the jungle bringing out the dead.

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Arrival at Markland Keep

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From Markland Keep

The band of friends travel eastward, looking to rescue the King's daughter from the Cult of Anubis. They find no sign of the Cult along the road to the Markland Keep, but at the keep, they hear of mysterious caves. The group decides to explore the caves. Read more »

Infiltration of the Imperial Research Facility


From Rise of the Empire

Seeing a skilled group of mercenaries being idle, Anna and her rebel friends convinced the party to go to Rehn, a planet securely in Imperial hands where the largest Imperial research facility is working on a massive weapon system. Read more »


Science Fiction

Cantor 80k

In the grim darkness of the far future, only noble heroes can make a difference. By Ravenwyn

Rise of the Empire

A Star Wars Campaign taking place 5 BBY. By Tim.

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High Fantasy

Tidings of Tea

First a goblin raid on town, then an elaborate invasion plan. The Tea Makers foil all the evil plans and become small town heroes.

Markland Keep

The All-Rogues try to rescue the princess from the Cult of Anubis.

Crimson Pass

Gabriel and Trippen were again hired to escort a prisoner across the Crimson Pass.

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Adventuring Companies

Orange Platoon

They were fresh recruits ready to fight the goblin menace, but a funny thing happened on the way to the front.

Lucky Louie's Loyal Legion

Captured at Castle Canter and rescued by Lucky Louie.


Set out the rob treasure from the ruins of Castle Canter, then became involved in saving the princess from the Cult of Anubis.

Champions of Winterhaven

Saved Winterhaven from the evils of the Shadowfell.

Paragons of Caligula

Reopened the trade route by defeating the "hill giants" raiders. Discovered an ancient demonic town on the Underdark frontier.

Group of Five

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