Markland Keep, Chapter 1 - Arrival at the Keep

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Adventuring Company: Raiders of Castle Canter
Campaign: Keep on the Border
Game World: Canter
Game Master: Ravenwyn

The All-Rogues made equipment purchases before leaving Briar Mill, using the King servant, Spindleside, as their agent. Spindleside was able to aquire the equipment discretely, avoiding any unwanted attention. If word gets out about their mission, the Cult of Anubis will surely intervene.

Well equiped, the group headed east along the King's Highway. As they traveled, they head news of a strange procession moving eastward, a few days ahead of them. They reached the Markland Keep, but still without catching up to the procession. Beyond the keep was the Crimson Pass, held by hobgoblins. It would be impossible to travel though the pass without some plan, but the cult of Anubis would have the same problem, unless they were in league with the hobgoblins. Knowing that hobgoblins were very racist, the group decided that it was unlikely the cult was allied with the hobgoblins.

At the Markland Keep, Valen gained information about the Caves of Chaos. The mercenary named Gil related a story from the tavernkeeper about magic armour being horded in the northern caves. Later, Valen spoke directly to the tavernkeeper and learned that different tribes of primitive humanoids live in each of the caves.

Terrance and Bogs visited the temple of Apollo and were invited to lunch with the priest Robert and the curate William. They learned that the hobgoblins have not come down from the mountains in about a year. They also learned that in Goblin, "Bree-yark" means "We surrender."

Preview of the Caves

On the second day after the group's arrival at the keep, the party travelled to the Caves of Chaos. The caves were set into the faces of a ravine. Pick what seemed the first cave, the adventurers began to explore. Their first encounter was with a group of orc spearmen who attacked from both sides. The orcs were no match for Bogs, Gil, and Valen. Terrence stood ready with his divine blessings, but it was clear that his warrior companions needed no assistance with these orcs.

A quick search of the bodies showed poor-quality equipment (spears, an axe, leather armour) and a few coins.

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