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The Paragons of Caligula first meet to defeat raiders who were interrupting the trade route between Bux's hometown and the river city of Brixton. The raiders were orges and orcs with a hill giant. They were lead by a cunning orc chieftain.

After defeating the orge raiders, the group's fame spread. Althaea was contacted by the High Wizard of Hallowbrae to explore a town on the edge of the Underdark. The town was inhabited by a small number of dwarves who were struggling to eke out a living in a hostile environment. The frontier folk were ignorant to the fact that their town had once been a sacred place to demons of the Underdark. Shortly after the Paragons of Caligula discovered the original demon shrine, a band of demons attacked the town in an attempt to re-claim their holy place. The Paragons of Caligula were able to defend the town, which has now become a well-guarded archeological site.

Assassination attempt foiled...


Party Members

The Paragons of Caligula are:


Party Treasure

Total party treasure: 36 795 gp

Magic Items

  • Feather Boat (Wondrous Item, level 14)
  • Shield of Deflection (Arm Slot Item, level 12)
  • Ring of Defense +3 (Ring, level 11)
    • +3 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
  • Handy Haversack (Wondrous Item, level 10)
  • Ring of Lightning Resistance (Ring, level 10)
    • Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. You can use this power when you are hit by an attack of the type specified. Reduce the damage dealt to you by the attack by 20.
  • Maul of Terror +2 (Weapon, level 9)
    • From the hill giant
  • Gauntlets of the Ram (Hands Slot Item, level 8)
  • Elven Battle Armour +2, Leather (Armour, level 8)
  • Shadowfell Gloves, Heroic (Hands Slot Item, level 6)
  • Vicious Javelin +2 (Weapon, level 7)
    • Critical: +2d12 damage
  • Bracers of Defense (Arm Slot Item, level 7)
  • Magic Bow +2 (Weapon, level 6)
    • Critical: +2d6 damage
  • Bashing Shield (Arm Slot Item, level 5)
  • 3 Potions of Healing (Potion, level 5)
  • Symbol of Hope +1 (Holy Symbol, level 3)
  • Catstep Boots (Feet Slot Item, level 3)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 (Neck Slot Item, level 2)
  • Belt of Vigor (Waist Slot Item, level 2)
  • Magic Hand Crossbow +1 (Weapon, level 1)
    • Critical: +1d6 damage

Althaea's Treasure

  • Wand of Fire Burst +3 (Wand, level 13)
  • Magic Orb +3 (Orb, level 11)
    • Critical: +3d6 damage
  • Rod of Reaving +1 (Rod, level 5)
  • Staff of Fiery Might +1 (Staff, level 2)

Brentash's Treasure

Bux's Treasure

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