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Formerly the Raiders of Castle Canter.

  • Set out the rob treasure from the ruins of Castle Canter.
  • Attempted to rescue the princess from the Cult of Anubis.


Party Members

The All-Rogues are:


Party Treasure

Lying in Main Stairs of Castle Canter

  • 6 suits of leather armour (halfing sized)
  • 1 suit of leather armour (gnome sized)
  • 6 yapling spears (worthless)

Held by Bogs Tandard

  • 1 buckler
  • 1 short sword

Held by Gromble Baker

  • From yapling chief:
    • 4 gp 18 sp
    • small bronze key (for chief's chest)
  • From yapling chief's chest:
    • bag of 50 gp
    • bag of 100 sp
    • bag of gems (1 golden, yellow topaz @ 500gp, 2 red garnets @ 200gp each, 3 amber stones @ 100gp each, 2 bloodstones @ 50gp each, 3 smoky quartz @ 50gp each)

Held by Valen Hawkmoon

  • bronze chalise of Janus
  • bronze box of Janus
  • silver chain necklace (from temple of Janus, worth about 300 gp)
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