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Yaplings are small, evil, dog-like men, standing about 1 meter tall. Most yaplings are infested with mange, causing them to appear hairless with red, scaly skin under their traditional layer of dirt. If ever a yapling were cured of its mange and cleaned, it would have short hair, ranging from dark brown to pale beige.

Yaplings may be found in the service of gnolls, who consider them pets and rarely eat yaplings. Packs of yaplings may be found on the edges of gnoll settlements, scavenging scraps thrown away by their larger cousins. They will frequently keep large or giant-sized dogs as their own pets.

Game Statistics

  Commoner Warrior Champion
Level: 0 1 2
Hit Points: 1d4 1d4+1 2d4+2
Armour Class: 9 (clothing) 11 (padded) 13 (leather, shield)
Attacks: small club: -1; 1d4-1 small spear: +0; 1d4 small sword: +1; 1d6

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